Our marriage turned one over the weekend so naturally we celebrated.


A word of advice to any of you planners/perfectionists/worriers out there: sometimes it’s okay to not plan things out perfectly and to just relax instead. It’s been a busy summer for us, so Blake and I both really needed a relaxing weekend. Because this was our first anniversary (and our last before becoming parents) I was really stressed planning it, wanting it to be really good. However, we just ended up spending most of our time relaxing (how many times have I used that word already?) and it was great.

DSC_0165 DSC_0162As you can see, the resort was beautiful. Also, fall made a subtle appearance, and you all know how I feel about that!

DSC_0173Also, the resort listed “goats” as some of their amenities… I’m not sure how those count as amenities, but we appreciated that anyway and made a stop to say hi.

Happy September everyone!

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