Evelyn: Eleven Months


Evelyn Grace seems more like a little girl and less like a baby by now. She’s obviously still a baby, but has so few of the typical “baby” characteristics; she can now walk a few steps, stand by herself, and essentially communicate her needs and wants by pointing and signing. She’s my favorite little buddy and it’s so fun to be friends with her. Everyone that knows her, loves her.

E took her first steps on August 30th and since then has been slowly gaining balance and courage. She can stand alone and will walk around the perimeter of any room, opening drawers and cupboards, making all sorts of messes. If she is sufficiently motivated (by a favorite person or stuffed animal), she will walk up to five or six steps. However, she always resorts back to crawling because she is just so fast. While I’m so excited for her to walk, I’m not rushing her.

She still signs “more” and points to what she wants, so it might be time to teach her some new signs. She says “dada”, “mama” (which for a while sounded more like “mamba” but is now officially correctly pronounced), “tag” for her (“taggie”) comfort blanket, and “hi” on occasion, when she sees someone she knows (“Hi, Dad!” most commonly), “boo” when playing peekaboo, and “hello” when she holds a phone up to her ear. None of these words are perfect (except “dada” and “mama”), but they are completely distinguishable and it is SO fun.


My favorite memory of her from this past month has to be a time when we were reading. Evelyn loves to read. She turns the pages, points at the pictures, touches the textures, etc. I read to her various times a day. Her current favorite book is an Usborne Spanish word book – I am telling you, she could read it for hours. The first few times we read this, I would point to the pictures and say the words, then she learned to point. Well, one day I was folding her laundry in her bedroom while she was looking at her books. We were both sitting on the floor and after a couple minutes, she crawled over to me, searched my body for my hand, grabbed my pointer finger, and pulled me back over to her book and started using it to point at the drawings. She’s been doing this lately with her touchy-feely books too, making me touch the soft rabbit and fuzzy bear and then turning the page. It is so hysterical.

Next month, this little one will turn one. I can’t believe it. This has been the best year of our lives.