Evelyn: Twelve Months


I’m very behind on this post. But it feels good to be doing this. I enjoy writing these so much.
On Monday, October 24th, Evelyn turned one and time stood still for a minute. As I scrolled through hundreds and hundreds of photos on my computer and phone, there was so much reflecting on the past year. On the moments, on the growth (Evelyn’s, mine, Blake’s), and on all of the indescribable joy. Happiness, and joy, because I think being a parent can cause you to experience these two feelings simultaneously. It’s real and is what this life is ALL about, and deep down inside of us, our souls know that.
It has been the hardest, most exhausting, most fulfilling year of my life. It has been humbling, first and foremost. I have become more aware of where I fall short and how little I can accomplish without the Lord. But it has built my faith and understanding in God’s love for his children and his trust in me. In his constant guidance and in this perfect plan that is the only way I can be with my people for eternity.
It has been challenging, emotionally and physically. There is simply no way to understand the challenges of being a parent until you are required to fill the role. I won’t attempt to elaborate; I don’t want to come across as complaining. The truth is the challenges are so good, though.
But most of all, it has been amazing. To be so loved and needed by someone. To have the privilege of raising such a precious, special daughter of Heavenly Father. One who, in my completely biased opinion, is one of the best. To be fortunate enough to spend my days at home with her, making her smile, helping her up after she falls, holding her and watching her. There is truly no joy that compares to the joy of parenthood and it reminds me why God’s first title is Heavenly Father.


Little Evelyn weighs 17 lbs and is 28 inches in height. She is 9th percentile for weight, 12th for height, and… wait for it… 66th in head circumference [insert laughing emoji here]. According to the numbers, she’s quite top heavy, but she doesn’t look too disproportionate. And while I know head size is not related to intelligence, Evelyn is a case to convince you otherwise, because she is so smart for her age. After a few of the things that she showed the pediatrician at her 12-month well-check, he looked at me with his jaw dropped. He said they were behaviors he would watch for in a 20-month-old. So who needs height when you have brains!

One thing that really impressed the doctor was Evelyn’s wide vocabulary. I think I mentioned it last month, but she says “Dada”, “Mama”, “hi”, “taggie”, “boo”, “baby”, and now “dog” and “woof woof”. “Dog” is anything from a dog or cat to a bear, to her, and she is obsessed. She walks right up to dogs that we see in person and her voice jumps up three octaves as she squeals and points. She could spend hours watching videos of dogs (and dogs with babies) on YouTube. Ha! So for her birthday, she got a couple stuffed animal dogs and a few books about them. Now Blake is completely right when he says it’s two against one on team ‘we-should-get-a-dog’… Not that I don’t like them. I just often feel like I’m hardly keeping my head above water with one child.

E still loves reading and will sometimes lie on the ground on her stomach with a book in front of her and point at the pictures and babble. I need to get a physical picture of it because it is one of my very favorite mental images of all time. She is also becoming more and more playful. She loves being chased and tickled. Sometimes, after a few minutes of tickling her, she’ll grab my hand and place it her side again and start to smile, waiting for me to tickle again.

For two months, Evelyn had three teeth. Her bottom two front teeth, and a top side tooth, which has been lovingly referred to by many as her snaggle tooth. Well, just a day or two after her birthday, a fourth tooth poked through and another is just right around the corner, I swear. She hasn’t been sleeping well, but there is a long list of reasons why infants this age don’t sleep well, even after having slept through the night for months: teething, sleep regression, developing new skills, growth spurt (well maybe not in Evelyn’s case), etc. But it’s fine because she is as a happy and pleasant as they come during the day.

We had a small party for E on her birthday and are so grateful for all the friends and family that came to support us. We love you and love you for loving our daughter. We have been so blessed with some of the best people in our lives.

I’m not going to post monthly updates anymore, though hopefully, I will continue to post about Evelyn because these have become more comprehensive than my journal and I am certain we will love looking back on them.

Thanks for reading and following along!


  1. McKenzie November 15 / 5:44 pm

    Put in such perfect words, as always! Love you both.

    • Hilary November 18 / 7:56 pm

      LOVE YOU Kenz!

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