St. George Sun

We have been in desperate need of some warmth this winter and finally made the time this past weekend to get out of town and soak up some St. George sun! We did the math and probably made it to St. George 4-5 times last year. It is just so close with such a different climate from our hometown that it makes such a refreshing vacation, even when we can only stay a couple days. My dad was also in town for the weekend, so we took a little hike into the tortoise reserve behind my grandparents’ St. George home and it was just what we needed.

Blake and I were talking about how Evelyn hasn’t had many opportunities to truly explore outside since she learned to walk in September and it got cold in October. We walked around outside a little right when she first learned to walk and have gotten out a few times during the winter or when we went to Arizona, but on this little walk she was able to simply run and roam and she loved it. She was feeling the sand and watching the lizards. She was so excited to walk around without having to hold someone’s hand and then she took a nice long nap after we got home.

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