This past month FLEW by, friends. It’s like summer is a rock rolling down a steep hill, slowly bouncing at first, but picking up speed. Month by month it tumbles faster and faster until August is ending and the rock is out of sight and everyone is excited for cool weather and the grocery store already has their Halloween decorations out. I love fall and Halloween (for obvious reasons), but summer ended too quickly this year, and I don’t know how or why. It’s okay though because I’m sure in a week or so I’ll be happy as ever, writing about the cool evenings and colorful leaves.

Back to Evelyn…

Can you believe she is ten months old? If you have seen her recently, you can, though the fact that so much time has past is still hard to swallow. My little baby is smart and fun and brave. She is independent and able to do so much already. She is loving and playful and determined and it gets me a little emotional to think of who she (is and) will be.

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A few of my favorite things about Evelyn right now include her hugging, kissing, and waving. She is hugging machine right now and it’s the BEST thing that has ever happened to me. She is very cuddly and loving. She also has said “hi” a few times as she has waved recently and it’s adorable, however, we’re still not hearing “mama.” She is still very much enjoying sharing and talking and singing and dancing.

I think my favorite thing about this age is the games we play, though. We’ve been playing peekaboo for months now, but she is just starting to do it on her own, covering her eyes with her own little hands. It is hysterical! She loves to crawl around together and chase each other. She also loves glasses (always has) and now attempts to put them on her own face. GUYS. It is THE cutest!


We have taken a few trips in the past month that E has been great for! While our drive to Idaho last month was hard for her, she did so well on our drive to Arizona, which was much longer. We started early in the morning and she slept the majority of the drive! She loved seeing her grandparents in Gilbert and loved the pool time — she loves swimming. Then Blake and I went to Lake Powell and my parents took her for the rest of the week and she had so much fun with them. She is such a good baby that I’m slightly worried about having more. What are the chances they’ll all be this angelic?


Evelyn is still sleeping fantastically! Every once in a while, she’ll have a week where she struggles to fall asleep, but overall, I think we’re doing pretty good. She eats what we eat (within reason), as well as baby food pouches (we love them, but as a word of warning, she wouldn’t go back to the jars after we introduced the pouches because she likes to feed herself and the jars are about half the cost). She loves drinking water out of my water bottles and she is doing pretty good with the sippy cups!

I always include way too many details in these posts, but I’m sure someday I’ll be glad I did.

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I’m usually more prepared when writing these posts; I’ve been thinking about new things to share and sometimes I even begin to write these posts a few days in advance. Not this month, however. I guess thing have just been a little crazier than usual, which is typical of summer, right?

A fitting word to describe Evelyn is busy. That’s the norm at this age. She’s becoming more opinionated and independent. She’s learning how to get what she wants and I’m learning how to deal with a demanding baby who has a high pitch scream until she gets your attention. She is constantly doing something; gone are the days of a baby who simply lies on a blanket and coos. She can pull herself up and walk around as long as she has something to hold on to, so she is constantly exploring. She now opens cupboards and drawers and follows me everywhere I go. She has made a few messes with toilet paper and just Sunday we discovered (by the evidence of a face covered in flecks of white paint) that she now chews on her crib when she can’t sleep. She is really close to walking and stood up the other day for about 15 seconds on her own and then realized she wasn’t being held and slowly lowered herself down. Being so active, she does a good job of wearing herself out each day. She’s currently going to bed around 7:30 and waking up around 6:30 (sometimes 6). She has two little teeth on the bottom and, as we learned yesterday, weighs a whopping 15.5 lbs (back down to the 9th percentile). She gives kisses and shares her food and toys.

DSC_8488 DSC_8491

Evie is still a very happy, content, pleasant, friendly baby. She loves meeting people, loves getting attention, loves waving at people (adults and other babies), and loves talking. She loves textures and noises. She is a singing and dancing machine; anytime she hears a beat she starts to move (bouncing her belly up and down, bobbing her head). She even starts dancing when she sees the covers of her books that have songs that go along with them. (Barnyard Dance, anyone?) Speaking of books, this girl could entertain herself with books for hours. She loves turning the pages back and forth, touching the images (whether they’re touch-and-feel books or not), and talking while she does it. I’ve been reading to her every night since she was a month or two old, so I think she thinks she is reading as well and it is SO adorable. She has the world’s cutest voice. Aside from being able to say “dada,” she also loves to repeat us when we say, “You did it!” Smiling after accomplishing something she’ll repeat, “Did it!” We’re still working on “mama” though. When she tries her hardest and puts her lips together she ends up making the “p” sound and says “papa,” so now she can say dad two different ways.

We took a few trips this past month, one as a family to Idaho and another, while Blake was at Lake Powell, to St. George with my mom and her friends. She loves being out and about and getting attention from new people when we travel. She is going through a little bit of separation anxiety right now, but it only kicks in every once in a while. I know I always says this, but this age might be the most fun yet.DSC_8455

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This year’s trip to Victor, Idaho was amazing. Because of family plans, we weren’t planning to go this year, but about a week before, we decided to do what we could to make it work, and I’m glad we did. We left Tuesday evening and the baby went back and forth between sleeping and crying the entire drive. It was very exhausting. Otherwise, the car ride was great. Blake and I listened to a few podcasts and laughed and talked about how interesting it was to hear new ideas and opinions. I love listening to the narratives of This American Life and a few others. They inspire me to continue writing.

On our drive, we stopped and ate at Panda Express, of course, because there is one in every town of America (except Victor, ID) and Blake will never get sick of it. Evelyn was seated in a high chair and near the end of our meal, she grabbed the side of my box of chow mein and yanked it over. It all splattered on the ground in front of her high chair almost perfectly, with the chopsticks still wedged in the noodles at an acute angle. The best part, though, was that Blake and I got the same fortune. I read mine first, jokingly telling Blake that it was meant for him. It read, “Saturdays are for chores.” He then opened his to find the same sentiment (not fortune). Apparently, we both need to learn that lesson.


The setting sun on the Great Salt Lake was so beautiful. I guess I don’t get to see very many sunsets these days since they happen once the baby is already down for the night. The sky was a warm yellow and the surface of the water glimmered. I slept for about fifteen minutes as we crossed into Idaho. As we drove passed Idaho fields and farm houses, we had revival hour, listening to music from Jr. high and high school. Taking Back Sunday, Bright Eyes, Straylight Run, Rise Against, Death Cab for Cutie. We lost service as we drove through Targhee Forest and made plans for exactly what we would do if we came across a bear. Fortunately, it was a moot point because we never found one.

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Wednesday morning Blake golfed with my dad and I played with the baby, put her down for a nap, read Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Once E woke up, we went to see the family and went to the pool. That evening my aunt fed us dinner and after putting the baby down, my grandparents came to the condo while Blake and I went into town and got huckleberry shakes. They were not quite as incredible as last year’s huckleberry pie, but I’m not complaining. (It sounds like I am… I am just making a comparison. Something about the savory pie crust with the berries was heavenly.) But I will complain that huckleberries aren’t more readily available to those of down in Utah. They are divine.

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Thursday we golfed and Evelyn rode in the cart. Then I put her down for a nap, read again, and once she was awake, we took off to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the Grand Teton National Park. It was a rainy day, so we didn’t think we would be able to do much, but the grey clouds cleared quickly and we were able to see Jenny Lake, Jackson Lake, herds of buffalo, elk, antelope, and of the course, the amazing mountain range. It was a day very well spent, though Blake was pretty upset we didn’t see any moose or bears.

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It’s been a busy month for this little princess, with lots of growing up. This is such a fun stage. She is developing more of a personality and makes us happy all day long. She gives open-mouthed kisses and waves when people say hi. Here are some details on the recent milestones, etc.DSC_7575Last Monday, Evelyn’s first little tooth finally broke through. The teething adventure has been on and off for a couple months now. Or at least it has seemed like it. We’ve seen a few signs here and there and then they go away. Finally, two front teeth started bulging for a few weeks. Well, last weekend I began to see her teeth through her gums and sure enough, she was as sad as ever until about 6 pm Monday when it suddenly popped through. She slept through the night again that night and now we’re starting to see the next tooth which is another week or so out. She looks like a little cartoon character with her one tooth right now. It’s adorable. You can almost see it in these pictures of her waving…


As she’s begun crawling, her knees have become a constant shade of red. She drags her right leg behind, pushing with her right knee, while stepping with her left foot. For a few weeks before this, she was crawling backwards, which was so frustrating for her. She’d end up under the bed or couch, whimpering and looking at as desperately like, “What’s going on?!” I believe she is as excited about her mastering (the essentials, at least, of) crawling as we are.  However, I’m now learning of all the things I need to change about our house to baby proof. Her latest discovery is of the fun noises the door stops can make.

DSC_7629DSC_7616 DSC_7611

Evelyn is learning to wave when people say hi, which is extremely often considering how much of a magnet she is. She makes friends and fans everywhere we go. People literally stop in their paths to talk to her.

I mentioned on Instagram, the week Evelyn learned to crawl she also learned to sit up from lying down. The next two or three days, every time I put her down, she would sit up and scream. At first, we thought we would go in every few minutes and lay her back down, however, this plan was futile as she would immediately sit back up and begin babbling and looking around, alert and curious as always. I’m not sure why, but the schedule we had established a couple months prior was suddenly not working for her, so I’ve been trying to be flexible and see what we need to do to make it through this. Advice is always welcome.

DSC_7599 DSC_7596

Evelyn is getting better at eating more, which is fun. We’ve been starting the pouches of baby food that she can hold and suck on, and she’s doing pretty good with them! Now that there are a few things she can feed herself, she hates not being in charge of feeding herself, so hopefully we can master that soon and make fewer (or smaller) mealtime messes.

These posts are always so long, so I will wrap this up. Thanks for reading! We love this little one!

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Three day weekends are what I look forward to now that we’re all grown up and there are no spring breaks and summer breaks and fall breaks for us. That’s one disadvantage of not just being a student anymore. We had so much fun with Blake home all weekend long and although we wished we had gone on a little trip, it was nice to spend a lot of time with family.

My mom, as well as a hundred other people, keeps telling me that Evelyn is such a good, easy baby. I know it, but I think I just can’t fully comprehend how good she is because I don’t have other kids to compare her to. I love her temperament and personality however. She brings so much light into our lives. She is constantly babbling and smiling and yelling and fake coughing (haha) and clapping her hands and waving her arms. She is adorable and so lovable.

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