Dear daughters,

It became almost second nature, from the moment Evelyn was born, to simply slow down. Granted it was easy to slow down when I was able to leave work behind and stay home to devote my days to my family. However, that’s not to say that it was an easy time. The transition to motherhood is challenging in many ways you won’t understand until you get there. But know, it is more joyful than you could ever imagine. Your world goes from black and white to the richest of colors. Without knowing, your perspectives and personality will be swallowed up in the understanding that there is much more than you ever previously understood. Your level of empathy toward others will become deeper, wider, fuller. Your humility will also increase as you are reminded day after day of how little you know and how completely you need to rely on the Lord.

Know that these are the greatest joys of life. Slow down, when things seem to be going faster than ever before, and smile. Watch your children discover life. Watch them rest. Watch them think and explore and learn. Stop what you’re doing and smile. Put down the broom and stop scrolling through your phone, and watch your husband teach your children. Watch him tickle them. Watch him dance with them.

Smile often. It makes you vulnerable, which, contrary to what many in the world may think, is good. It makes you feel happier, which you will need! Let yourself enjoy life every day. Choose to appreciate all you’ve been blessed with.

My happiest memories of all are the slow, small moments I have had with you.

Xo, Mom



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