As per usual I am slightly behind on this post, but I just recently reread some of these posts that I wrote about Evelyn and loved them! So late as I am, I’m still going to write it. I love having this to look back on.

Around one month Nora was already starting to sleep really well! I think she was doing six hour stretches. Throughout this past month she has gone as long as eight hours for us which has been amazing. It’s not every night, but it’s enough for us to feel less like zombies than we did with Evelyn. More recently Nora is craving more routine and starting to get super tired and fussy around 7, so I’m trying to get back to a better family routine for her. She sleeps in the Velcro swaddle that Evie used and squirms out of it a lot more often, but still does pretty well.

Nora essentially sleeps through tummy time, so not too much progress has been made there, though she has accidentally rolled over a couple times. She started smiling at six weeks and it was almost as if a switch flipped. She went from a very stoic, serious baby to smiling whenever you make eye contact with her! She is also cooing all the time. She constantly wants to talk to us.

Baths are a roller coaster for this one, love/hate relationship. But she loves getting her diaper changed and she is an amazing eater! Our first month was hard with both of us recovering from the damage of a tied tongue, but my pain went away around one month and now breastfeeding is a breeze. She eats in half the time Evelyn did and is much easier for me to read (to figure out whether or not she’s hungry).

Around this age, we moved Evelyn into the nursery, but we haven’t quite made it there with Nora yet. I love their relationship though. Evelyn imitates Blake and me all the time when she interacts with Nora. She tells her good morning and says phrases like “good burp, Neera!” She puts the binkie in her mouth and as she’s giving it to her she’ll be softly repeating her name, “Nora, Nora, Nora.” I love these two kiddos. Parenting gets (harder and) better and better.

10 lbs 9 oz – 35% for weight and 55% for height

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Evelyn is possibly the happiest baby on this planet. With the exception of some occasional evening fussiness, she is constantly grinning and babbling. She’s got some lungs and is finding her voice so she’ll chat with me all day and if I step into the other room she’ll yell to me. She loves having someone to talk to and will try to imitate the sounds she hears. We’re thinking we might have a pretty chatty little girl soon.

Blake is always finding new ways to make this little girl giggle… I guess the word giggle might be an overstatement; her laugh is one coo in the middle of a big smile. It is the most adorable thing. She is especially entertained by tongues, her own and others’. This means she’s constantly drooling, which is pretty funny.

Evelyn continues to have reflux issues, but she’s a pretty healthy baby! Her only struggle is a constant stuffy nose. We’ve tried a humidifier, saline solution, and an aspirator. She hates getting her nose cleaned out more than anything, which is sad because it has to happen pretty often or she snores (poor girl). I recorded her wheezing the other day and sent it to Blake. It’s so sad, but also really cute.

Her baby acne is finally clearing up, leaving her with some dry patches and bald spots on her head. It’s typical for babies to shed a little, and we think we’re seeing a little bit of that in a couple areas.

Evelyn was blessed on December 13th and it was such a special day. I’ll post about it soon, with lots of pictures!

A week before Christmas, some friends had us over for dinner and games. Evelyn, wanting to join the fun, stayed awake the entire time, until midnight that night, probably totaling 6-7 hours without a minute of shut-eye. We were all exhausted. When she finally fell asleep that night, Blake and I both zonked. The next thing I remember was hearing her beginning to shift in her cradle the next morning. I looked at my phone — 7 am! That was an early Christmas gift from our little angel. I only wish I could say it weren’t a one-time occurrence. Haha.

On December 23rd, Evelyn had a checkup and they gave her the immunizations. That was the saddest we’ve ever seen our little girl. Her tiny thighs (which finally have creases and rolls – yay!) were so sore.

We’re having so much fun with this adorable baby and we love her more than anything! Life is good!

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